Gedawin Assists Health Care Workers with Supply of PPE

Gedawin Novo Controls is helping to fight COVID-19 by donating a control system to increase the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to front line health care workers.

A client approached Gedawin with a design concept to allow them to manufacture medical face shields. The system heats up the face shield plastic using heating elements while mechanically pressing it into the desired shape. The client requested assistance from Gedawin to design and supply the heating system controller that would integrate with their mechanical system.

Gedawin welcomed the challenge and was able to respond quickly to design and build a system within days using existing inventory and other readily available parts. The controls allow for precision heat regulation to ensure high quality face shields. Gedawin was happy to donate the system to the cause and it was delivered to a grateful client for immediate use.

“We are fortunate that we continue to work during the COVID-19 crisis while many others cannot,” said Geoff Shewfelt, President of Gedawin Novo Controls. “If the donated equipment can help protect health care workers and contribute to a safe return to normal, we are happy to do it.”

Gedawin Novo Controls supplies control, protection, balance of plant systems as well as overall project management and technical support for the small hydro generation industry.