PLC & HMI Station Upgrade Completed

New HMI screen created for the upgrade.

Gedawin Novo Controls is excited, elated, thrilled, exuberant and over the moon, (can you tell we’re happy?) to announce the completion of the PLC & HMI upgrades at the Campbellford-Seymour Generating Station Plant 1 and 2. Commissioning for both sites was completed in December 2021.

We upgraded both plants from GE Fanuc PLCs and HMI screens to CompactLogix PLCs and PanelView HMIs. This involved a manual conversion of the PLC program using Studio 5,000 – Logix Designer program. This ensured that the station still operated as intended. The HMI screens were converted using Studio 5,000 – View Designer software.

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Out with the old…
In with the new.