Control systems for small hydro from Gedawin Novo

About Gedawin Novo Controls

Gedawin Novo Controls produces, manufactures and supports a range of purpose built products covering all major control components specifically required for small hydroelectric generating stations.

The company was created by uniting reputable commissioning, field support and training expertise with field proven technology developed over 25 years. Gedawin Novo Controls continues to enhance its products and services to ensure customers receive systems that provide flexibility up front and scalability over time to fit a variety of small hydro applications.

Geoff Shewfelt, President

Geoff Shewfelt
Geoff Shewfelt, President

Geoff Shewfelt has 20+ years of experience with control technology and small hydro generation at sites close to home and around the globe. During this time he identified unique challenges that exist within the small hydroelectric generation industry. There was a need for a company to provide sophisticated control systems that met utility interconnection requirements that were also cost appropriate to match the resources available to small hydro producers.

Gedawin Novo Controls was formed with this in mind. Using pre-designed standard systems with user selectable configurations and a high volume production approach the higher costs associated with custom engineered systems typically offered by other companies is significantly reduced.