Gedawin Novo Controls 3rd Time At The POWC

Gedawin Novo Controls will be returning for a third time to the OWA’s Annual Power of Water Canada Conference and Tradeshow.  The event will be taking place at the White Oaks Conference Resort in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario on October 29-31, 2018.

This year Gedawin will be in Booth 50.  Please stop by and say “Hi”.

Hydro & Hops 2018





This year’s 2018 Hydro & Hops Tour, put on by the OWA took place in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.  The tour this year showcased hydropower stations that were 100 years old.  Thus further reinforcing how durable and long-lasting hydropower equipment is as a renewable energy option.

OWA’s 2018 Hydro & Hops Tour

The staff of Gedawin Novo Controls will be attending the OWA’s Hydro & Hops Tour on Friday, June 1st.  This year’s tour will take place in the Peterborough area.  The tour will be visiting the Ranney Falls Generating Stations, Healey Falls Generating Station, London St, Generating Station and ending at the Smithaven Brewery.

We are very excited to be on the tour again this year and can’t wait to see these hydropower stations and the people of the hydropower industry.

Standby Diesel Genset Project Completed

Gedawin Novo Controls is pleased to announce the completion of the Standby Diesel Genset Installation project.  The work for this project was completed at three hydropower stations located in Ontario, the Misema, Ragged Chute and Moose Rapids stations.  Each station now has a diesel genset as back-up power.  During power outages, the diesel genset is started by an automatic transfer switch.

We would like to thank all employees, operators and subcontractors for all their hard work in making this project a success.

Galetta Hydropower Station Controls Upgrade Completed

Gedawin Novo Controls has completed an upgrade of the automation and controls system at the the Galetta hydropower station located in Ontario.  The first picture shows the original control units that were replaced by one NovoTAS-630.  This upgrade was done for the two turbine/generator units located at this station.

    Original Controls                                  NovoTAS-630 Control Upgrade

Final Standby Diesel Genset Delivered To Site

The final diesel standby diesel genset was delivered to the Moose Rapids hydropower station.  The is the last of three gensets delivered to site as part of the Standby Diesel Genset Installation project that Gedawin has undertaken for the summer of 2017.  Before the genset could be delivered to site, it had to be overhauled and cleaned up after it was removed from the Misema hydropower station.  The overhaul of the genset was done by the Toromont Power Systems shop located in Sudbury.  Their staff is great, they provided valuable work and information.


Hydro & Hops 2017

This year’s OWA Hydro & Hops tour was in the Carleton Place, Almonte and Perth area this year.  Those on the tour were able to see Gedawin’s line of products and hydropower stations where we have completed projects.

This event, was the first public event that our new employee, Anthony Meehan took part in.  Anthony did a great job and enthusiastically answered all questions.  Way to go Anthony!

At the Appleton hydropower station, attendees were able to see our completed Sluice gate project and the control upgrades project that is currently underway.

Norcan was kind enough to allow us to show our products at their building.  On display there was the NovoTAS-630 and the NovoTAS-99.  The NovoTAS-99 is Gedawin’s newest product, it is a hydro control cabinet specifically for units that are under 100 kW.


OWA’s Hydro & Hops Tour

This year’s tour will be in our area!  And we will be a part of the tour.

OWA’s Hydro & Hops Tour 2017 Event Page

One of the tour stops will be at the Appleton Generating Station.  At this stop, people will see Gedawin’s innovative control cabinets and NovoTAS-630 in action.  Also, we recently completed a retrofit of the sluice gate.  We added remote and local control to the gate and added a heating system inside the gate to prevent ice build up so the gate can used during the winter..

At the Norcan Hydraulic Turbine building, we will be showcasing our latest design developments.  Including the NovoTAS-99.  A hydro control system designed for systems that are 100 kW or less.

We look forward to seeing you there!