Hydraulic Power Unit

Gedawin Novo Controls designs, manufactures and markets control and protection systems for the small hydroelectric generation industry. The Hydraulic Power Unit is the main mechanical component of the system. Its primary function is the directional control of the turbine actuator providing accurate turbine control including speed governing.


Hydraulic power unit
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Gedawin Novo Controls HPUs are compact, efficient and powerful. The HPU is designed to seamlessly integrate with the NovoTAS-630 Turbine Automation and Protection System but can also interface to third party controls if ordered as a standalone unit.

The HPU is designed to operate in high pressure, high flow applications. Engineered for a maximum pressure of 5,000 psi, the system can be ordered in a variety of configurations to meet the specific project requirements.

Accumulator volume, DC backup pump motor and black start capability with proportional control for islanded operation are just some of the available options.


  • Manifold block system housing valves and sensors
  • Reservoir Volume: 145 liters
  • Oil Type: TELLUS 32, UNIVIS BIO 40
  • Oil Filter: Micro glass III, 5 Micron
  • Size: 1040 x 762 x 1520mm (with 10 Gal. Accumulators)
  • Weight 680 kg
  • Internal Oil Level Low Sensor
  • Standard 4.7KW 600V/3Æ pump (other types available)
  • Rated 345 bar (5,000 psi)
  • Accumulator Pre-charge: Nitrogen
  • Pressure Transducer: HYDAC EDS 3000
  • Visual Oil Level Indicator
  • PT-100 RTD Oil Level Sensor
  • Integrated (Oil/Air) Cooler
  • Internal Oil Level and Oil Temperature Trip Sensor
  • Optional 2.25kW 125 VDC Pump for Black Start (requires station battery)

* final design requirements will determine overall features

When used with the NovoTAS-630 and 19” HMI, the HPU status screen appears as follows:

HPU_ScreenGedawin Novo Controls technology for small hydroelectric generation is currently installed on over 195 units across the globe in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Download the Hydraulic Power Unit Product Overview