NovoTAS-630 Software and SCADA

Gedawin Novo Controls designs, manufactures and markets control and protection systems for the small hydroelectric generation industry. The NovoTAS-630 System includes intuitive software tools to configure all aspects of the NovoTAS-630 Turbine Control and Automation System.

Configuration Software

Hydro data configuration screen
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The configuration menus are grouped by function to allow the user to enable and configure the NovoTAS-630 operation parameters including adding unit custom control logic sequences. The guide uses checkboxes, numeric fields, radio buttons and drop-down menus familiar to most computer users. No specialized programming knowledge is required.

Individual screens list a range of inputs for the following parameters:
NovoTAS 630 software table

SCADA and Local Interface

The Gedawin Novo Controls SCADA provides local and remote operation of all NovoTAS-630 operational features and data. Operators also have access to specialized screens for system testing and setup using the local touchscreen interface in the hydro control cabinet.

SCADA Mode Control and Local Commission Mode Screens

The Gedawin Novo Controls Station Level SCADA provides operators with an intuitive interface where all the information to operate the station locally or remotely is presented clearly in real time.

  • Local and remote access to system operating data and control commands
  • Text or email messages to alert operators of issues at unsupervised sites
  • Intuitive interface provides access to important operator information
  • Overall look and feel matches the local unit level touchscreen interface
  • Open and scalable non-proprietary SCADA architecture
  • Allows the addition of site-specific devices
  • Modbus TCP communication protocol
  • Transfer data to spreadsheet or database applications, to generate reports and logs
  • Runtime licenses included with each local touchscreen and SCADA system
  • No yearly maintenance, development or royalty fees

Remote Access

Gedawin Novo Controls can provide secure remote access to the site via a router and VPN connection. Operators and maintenance personnel can remotely view the SCADA or local touchscreen to respond to alarms. Gedawin Novo Controls recommends that site owners allow Gedawin Novo personnel to have remote access to provide in depth after sales support.

Gedawin Novo Controls technology for small hydroelectric generation is currently installed on over 195 units across the globe in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Download the NovoTAS-630 Software and SCADA Overview