NovoTAS-630 Turbine Automation and Protection System

Gedawin Novo Controls designs, manufactures and markets control and protection systems for the small hydroelectric generation industry. The NovoTAS-630 Turbine Automation and Protection System is the foundation of the Gedawin Novo Controls small hydroelectric generation control package. The NovoTAS-630 combines turbine start/stop logic sequence control, mechanical and generator electrical protection in one user configurable device.


The NovoTAS-630 is the latest model in a long line of controls designed specifically for the automation, PID turbine governing and electrical protection of small hydroelectric turbines and generators. The primary features include:

  • Automation of start-up, shut-down and emergency shut-down sequences
  • PID Governing of wicket gates/blades position using either pulsed or continuous control signals. Compatible with reaction and impulse turbines
  • Measurement of electrical conditions (voltage, current, power & energy)
  • Electrical unit protection & synchronization, sequence of events recorder (1 ms resolution) and log file data time stamping
  • Fault detection with alarm, soft shutdown or fast shutdown
  • Modbus TCP communication protocol
  • User programmable control logic sequences for site specific customization


  • Size: 600 mm W X 287 mm H X 62.5 mm D
  • Power requirements:24Vdc @ 3amps
  • 48 x Discrete inputs: dry contact (68 with GEM expansion module)
  • 32 x Discrete outputs: relay driver to ground (48 with GEM expansion module)
  • 8 x VT & 8 x CT waveform inputs with 16-bit resolution
  • 16 x RTD inputs with 12 bit resolution: 3 wire PT100
  • 6 x Analog 4-20 mA inputs with 16bit resolution
  • 4 x Analog 4-20 mA outputs
  • 2 x Analog voltage output (+/- 10 VDC) for proportional hydraulic valve control (Gates/Blades for Kaplan or Gates 1/Gates 2 for Double Wheel Francis)
  • Tachometer input
  • 10/100Mbs Ethernet port for Modbus TCP communication
  • Modbus Master RS-485 port to connect to GEM expansion module

Generator Protection Functions

Generator protection functions

Gedawin Novo Controls technology for small hydroelectric generation is currently installed on over 195 units across the globe in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Download the NovoTAS-630 Turbine Automation and Protection System