Gedawin & A Red Lion To The Rescue

Gedawin Novo Controls helped a client with a recently acquired generating station.  The problem was that their remote SCADA system couldn’t access the station controls remotely.  We configured and installed a Red Lion Modular Controller, to act as a data concentrator. The Red Lion unit will act as a master and poll the GE Fanuc 90-70 PLC in the plant to allow data from all four units at the station to be available to the remote SCADA system. The Red Lion database includes the control registers so the SCADA will be able to send control commands.

Always There With Helping Hands


When a local operator needed a second and third pair of hands, Gedawin Novo Controls was there.  We showed up dressed for the job and equipped to meet all the site’s health and safety requirements for the task.

We were there to help the operator remove flashboards on the weir.  The flashboards are used to keep the water level higher in the summer to generate more power.  With fall arriving, the flashboards were no longer needed.

This shows Gedawin’s ability to assist their clients with any and all challenges they may meet while operating their generating station.

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Greetings from Mary’s Harbour

Geoff Shewfelt of Gedawin Novo Controls took a moment to capture this selfie at a generating station in Mary’s Harbour, Labrador.

He’s there helping commission the station.  Having the station up and running, lessens this remote community’s reliance on diesel fuel for electricity.

Which I think we can all agree, is a very good thing.


Moose Rapids PFCC Work Is Completed

The dark and hazy look to this picture isn’t a filter that has been added.  What you see is a project being completed in a generating station during a complete station outage.  This was necessary in order to complete a PF correction capacitor circuit upgrade at TransAlta Renewables’ Moose Rapids site.

Kenora Recommissioning 2019

The staff of Gedawin Novo Controls have returned from H2O Power’s Kenora Generating Station.  Our purpose there was to re-commission the unit control systems to ensure that they worked with the new turbine/generator systems. H2O Power assembled a great group of companies whose people worked extremely hard to ensure that the work was completed at a very high level.

Great job everyone!


Appleton Head Gate & Other Work Project Done!

The Appleton Head Gate & Other Work project has been completed.  The last task was to move the newly fabricated head gate from G3 over to G2.  The G2 gains are better for storing the head gate.

We would like to thank Valley Sales & Equipment, Kanata Crane and Nortrax for helping us complete this project for TransAlta Renewables.


A New Gate At The Appleton Generating Station







A new head gate was installed at the Appleton Generating Station.  Gedawin Novo Controls would like to thank CIMA+ for all their hard work in designing the gate.  We would also like to thank Valley Sales for building such an amazing, high quality gate.  And finally, Kanata Cranes for putting the head gate in place.  All three companies have staff that are easy to work with and will make sure that projects are completed safely, on time and on budget.


It’s Official!

In order to better assist hydropower station operators, Gedawin Novo Controls has become a Registered System Integrator Partner of Schneider Electric’s Wonderware Systems program.

We are able to develop and support systems using the full Wonderware suite of products.

Any station owners that have been put in a bad spot because of poor, or non-existent technical support can contact Gedawin.

We’ll help you take control of your control and automation system.