Successful Dry Test At Appleton!

Representatives of Troy-Ontor, Integrity Electric and Valley Sales & Equipment joined the staff of Gedawin Novo Controls at Appleton, Ontario on August 17th, 2016.  The purpose of the day was to conduct a dry test of the automated gate system. The system worked as planned and there were no issues!  The Appleton Sluice Gate Retrofit project undertaken by Gedawin Novo Controls is nearly complete. The automation of the raising and lowering of the gate is only one aspect of this project.  Gedawin is also adding heating to the inside of the gate to ensure no ice builds up on the face of the gate.  This will allow the sluice gate to remain operational during the winter.  Another feature being added as part of this project is to be able to control the gate remotely, either by the station computer or smartphone.

Small Hydro Controls Appleton 31 Small Hydro Controls Appleton 32

The OWA’s Hydro & Hops Tour

Small Hydro Controls Paul Norris

The staff of Gedawin Novo Controls had a great experience on the OWA’s Hydro & Hops tour.  It was great seeing lots of familiar faces and meeting new people.  The tour was thought-provoking because attendees saw old and new hydropower technology on display at the four stations on the tour. In the above image, you can see Geoff Shewfelt, President of Gedawin Novo Controls standing with Paul Norris, President of the OWA in front of Gedawin Novo Controls’ technology.

Small Hydro Controls Cabinets

Small Hydro Controls Station Control                     Small Hydro Controls HPU



Douglas Sluice Gate Automation Upgrade Completed

Gedawin Novo Controls recently completed the sluice gate automation upgrade at the Douglas Generating Station. The station was commissioned in 2010 and Gedawin Novo Controls provided the complete control, protection, hydraulic and switchgear package. The new sluice gate controller seamlessly integrated with the existing SCADA system and the owner can now operate the sluice gate remotely using the station computer and his smart phone.  Gedawin Novo Controls would like to thank the station operator, Janusz Rydel for allowing this innovative technology to be demonstrated during the OWA’s Hydro & Hops tour that took place in May 2016.

Small Hydro Controls Douglas Sluice gate 01


View From Above At An OWA Workshop

Representatives of Gedawin Novo Controls recently attended the OWA’s “Learning From Past Experiences” workshop on April 20th, 2016 in Toronto.  It’s an annual workshop that OWA partners with First Nations in order to discuss First Nations involvement in waterpower.   The experience (in addition to the view) was very eye-opening and informative for those that attended.

OWA Workshop Small Hydro Controls


Gedawin Novo Controls’ Products in Action on Hydro & Hops Tour

The Douglas Generating Station showcases the versatility of the Gedawin Novo Controls’ standard products which are easily configured by the user for different applications. The NovoTAS-630 controllers operate the four Propeller and two Kaplan turbines by settings changes. The Hydraulic Power Unit design allows a single HPU to operate either one Kaplan turbine or two Propeller turbines. We will be on the plant tour and available to answer your questions on site.

Douglas Small Hydro Controls 2

Gedawin Novo Controls Taking Part in the Hydro & Hops Tour, May 12th -13th

Gedawin Novo Controls will be taking part in “Hydro and Hops”, the OWA’s waterpower facility and brewery tour.  The event is taking place in the Renfrew area, May 12th-13th, 2016.  It is in close proximity to the Gedawin Novo Controls’ headquarters.    Anyone participating in the event is more than welcome to stop by and visit us.   Please feel free to get in touch with us in order to schedule a visit

Hydro & Hops – Waterpower & Brewery Tour