NovoTAS-99 Compact Turbine Automation System

Gedawin Novo Controls Inc. designs, manufactures and markets control and protection systems for the small hydroelectric generation industry. The NovoTAS-99 Compact Turbine Automation System is specifically designed to meet the functional needs of turbine/generator units that are classified as micro hydro (under 100 kW). The control system is simple, cost effective and able to be used with a variety of turbine types and applications.


The NovoTAS-99 uses an Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC) as the central control component in the system. The PLC is housed in an enclosure that also includes a colour touch screen HMI for local control as well as a Beckwith M-3410A multifunction protection relay for electrical protections. The primary features include:

  • Automation of start-up, shut-down and emergency shut-down sequences
  • PID Governing of guide vanes/wicket gates/runner blades position using either pulsed or continuous control
    signals for use with solenoid activated directional valves or proportional control valves
  • Compatible with reaction and impulse turbines as well as synchronous/asynchronous generators
  • Measurement of electrical conditions (voltage, current, power & energy) from protection relay
  • Electrical unit protection & synchronization
  • Fault detection with alarm, soft shutdown or fast shutdown
  • Modbus TCP communication protocol


  • Power requirements: Universal voltage input power supply 80-264 VAC/120-370 VDC
  • 28 x Discrete inputs: dry contact
  • 20 x Discrete outputs: dry contact through interposing relays, 10 A rated contacts
  • 8 x PT100 RTD Inputs
  • 4 x Analog 4-20 mA inputs
  • 2 x Analog 4-20 mA outputs (if proportional valve control required)
  • High speed counter input for proximity sensor (tachometer)
  • Modbus communication for connection to remote control equipment
  • 7 inch, colour touchscreen HMI

Custom requests are also available. The picture shows a customized NovoTAS-99 with an HMI display and panel mounted SEL protection relay installed at the customer’s request.
NOTE: Beckwith 3410-A installed in standard cabinet.

Complete Solution

The NovoTAS-99 is the main component in a complete turbine and generator control solution.There are two other key components that make up the compact package. Gedawin Novo Controls offers a hydraulic power unit and switchgear lineup that are designed for micro hydro with the same cost appropriate goal in mind.

NovoTAS-99 Cabinet Customized with SEL relay

Remote Monitoring Option

Micro hydro sites are not typically manned so remote monitoring and fault annunciation is required at some sites. Gedawin offers remote monitoring through an optional SCADA program that is designed to work with the standard NovoTAS-99 control system. The SCADA program is installed on a PC at the powerhouse and connects to the controller via Modbus TCP protocol. The operator can log into the PC remotely to monitor and operate the system. The SCADA is also able to email and text alarm and trip messages to the operator so they can react to resolve any issue quickly.

The NovoTAS-99 along with the micro hydro hydraulic power unit and switchgear provide a compact and cost appropriate package for micro hydro. No matter the application, Gedawin Novo Controls has the solution you are looking for.

Gedawin Novo Controls technology for small hydroelectric generation is currently installed on over 195 units across the globe in North and South America, Europe and Asia.