Appleton Head Gate & Other Work Project Done!

The Appleton Head Gate & Other Work project has been completed.  The last task was to move the newly fabricated head gate from G3 over to G2.  The G2 gains are better for storing the head gate.

We would like to thank Valley Sales & Equipment, Kanata Crane and Nortrax for helping us complete this project for TransAlta Renewables.


Standby Diesel Genset Installation Project Begins

Gedawin Novo Controls is thrilled to announce the start of the Standby Diesel Genset Installation project.  This project will take the staff of Gedawin to three different hydropower stations in Ontario. We can’t wait!

We have started to plan, organize, schedule and meet with contractors so the project can be completed this summer.

In this picture, Chris Dallaire of Integrity Electric is shown signing the necessary paperwork for their involvement with the project.  Mr. Dallaire, the owner and operator of Integrity Electric is a very hard worker and provider of amazing results.  Gedawin is very happy to have him involved in this project.


Successful Dry Test At Appleton!

Representatives of Troy-Ontor, Integrity Electric and Valley Sales & Equipment joined the staff of Gedawin Novo Controls at Appleton, Ontario on August 17th, 2016.  The purpose of the day was to conduct a dry test of the automated gate system. The system worked as planned and there were no issues!  The Appleton Sluice Gate Retrofit project undertaken by Gedawin Novo Controls is nearly complete. The automation of the raising and lowering of the gate is only one aspect of this project.  Gedawin is also adding heating to the inside of the gate to ensure no ice builds up on the face of the gate.  This will allow the sluice gate to remain operational during the winter.  Another feature being added as part of this project is to be able to control the gate remotely, either by the station computer or smartphone.

Small Hydro Controls Appleton 31 Small Hydro Controls Appleton 32