Moose Rapids PFCC Work Is Completed

The dark and hazy look to this picture isn’t a filter that has been added.  What you see is a project being completed in a generating station during a complete station outage.  This was necessary in order to complete a PF correction capacitor circuit upgrade at TransAlta Renewables’ Moose Rapids site.

Appleton Head Gate & Other Work Project Done!

The Appleton Head Gate & Other Work project has been completed.  The last task was to move the newly fabricated head gate from G3 over to G2.  The G2 gains are better for storing the head gate.

We would like to thank Valley Sales & Equipment, Kanata Crane and Nortrax for helping us complete this project for TransAlta Renewables.


Appleton Head Gate & Other Work Project

The Appleton Head Gate & Other Work Project has started.  This project will involve the design and fabrication of a new gate gate, replacing damaged grates, replacing enclosures, replacing and fixing railings and repairing the tail race frame.

These photos show the first step being taken for the project.  This first step is the removal of the existing head gate from the Appleton Generating Station.


Galetta Hydropower Station Controls Upgrade Completed

Gedawin Novo Controls has completed an upgrade of the automation and controls system at the the Galetta hydropower station located in Ontario.  The first picture shows the original control units that were replaced by one NovoTAS-630.  This upgrade was done for the two turbine/generator units located at this station.

    Original Controls                                  NovoTAS-630 Control Upgrade

Final Standby Diesel Genset Delivered To Site

The final diesel standby diesel genset was delivered to the Moose Rapids hydropower station.  The is the last of three gensets delivered to site as part of the Standby Diesel Genset Installation project that Gedawin has undertaken for the summer of 2017.  Before the genset could be delivered to site, it had to be overhauled and cleaned up after it was removed from the Misema hydropower station.  The overhaul of the genset was done by the Toromont Power Systems shop located in Sudbury.  Their staff is great, they provided valuable work and information.


Standby Diesel Genset Installation Project Begins

Gedawin Novo Controls is thrilled to announce the start of the Standby Diesel Genset Installation project.  This project will take the staff of Gedawin to three different hydropower stations in Ontario. We can’t wait!

We have started to plan, organize, schedule and meet with contractors so the project can be completed this summer.

In this picture, Chris Dallaire of Integrity Electric is shown signing the necessary paperwork for their involvement with the project.  Mr. Dallaire, the owner and operator of Integrity Electric is a very hard worker and provider of amazing results.  Gedawin is very happy to have him involved in this project.


Appleton Sluice Gate Retrofit Completed


Staff from Gedawin Novo Controls, Troy-Ontor and TransAlta Renewables were on hand for final testing. and commissioning of the Appleton Sluice Gate Retrofit project.  Everything went according to plan and the project is now complete.


Gedawin Novo Controls would like to thank all the contractors and the station operators for all their hard work in ensuring that this project was a success.